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A Guide to Wedding Bus Hire

There are various reasons why you would need a bus on your wedding day. Perhaps you need to transport guests to the wedding reception or transport your wedding party to the venue and after-party. Regardless, you would want the best service for your guests. Read the article below for a few wedding bus hire tips.

Work With a Local Company

Local bus hire companies are known for customer-focused service and innovative products. Check social media and travel blogs to know which companies have the best service in your locality. One of your primary concerns would be the terms of hire. Consider the following:

  • Are you allowed to decorate the bus with balloons and flowers?
  • Are guests permitted to consume foods and drinks on the bus? 
  • What would happen if the bus broke down? 
  • Check the company's deposit and cancellation policy. 

Choose the Right Bus

Look for coaches with extra amenities such as reclining seats, charging ports and LCD screens to guarantee the comfort of your guests. Consider a party bus if you need to transport your groomsmen and wedding maids. Party buses are equipped with on-board bars and ultramodern entertainment systems to ensure passengers can party as travel. 

Visit the company's premises and inspect the coach. Check its inspection report to ensure it is in good condition. Also, inspect its interior. Avoid buses with worn-out seats and a dirty interior.  

Plan in Advance

Share the day's itinerary with the bus hire company and the group that will be using the bus. Ask your guests to be punctual. Otherwise, you may incur extra charges if they keep the bus driver waiting for too long. Inform your guests what rules they should observe while on the bus. For instance, most bus companies restrict smoking and weapons on the bus. Bus surfing and sexual activities are also prohibited. Also, ask the group not to litter the bus. 


The wedding bus should be reasonably priced. If you need the bus to transport guests to the reception, work with a company that provides hourly rates. A daily rate is preferable when you need the coach for the whole day. Inquire about extra fees. For example, the company will charge an additional fee if you make more stops than you had initially agreed.

Wedding bus hire is now easy with the above tips. Work with a local company, choose the right bus, plan in advance and understand the company's pricing strategy.