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Across The Skyline            

Across The Skyline            

yay-9579202-digitalIn my last blog I put out the challenge for all of you readers to check out your own local towns and cities, and some of the feedback I received was amazing. People telling me stories from all across this State and country. It’s a great feeling to know that I have inspired others to discover their worlds, and fuels me to keep writing. And so I give my update for this week. This week saw me heading up into the skyline of NYC, Checking out some of the buildings I have never been in before. Can you believe that I’ve never been inside the Empire State Building until a few days ago? Twenty plus years in this city, and just managed to get there now.

I found myself as I was up there though, marvelling at the stonework. Yes, that commercial masonry tour was still fresh in my mind, and has me looking at the city with a whole new set of eyes. It’s been great really looking at all of the buildings that make up this iconic skyline. I ate a dinner at almost 200 feet in the air, and looked down across the expanse of city lights, wondering if I could see the apartment building lived in, until I noticed that I was looking in the wrong direction.

I found myself in some back areas, hole in the wall places that serve alcohol and illegal card games, which I definitely will not point out the location of in this blog. I have seen some of the bigger and more well known locations as I made my way across the city. From Times Square to Broadway and back again. I still find myself in awe of all the people walking about the streets, and all the different assortment of folks that make up the population of NYC. This journey of keeping my eyes open for my blog has really caused me to have a better understanding and appreciation for the city I live in.

And I can tell it’s having the same effect on the readers. The amount of people who have said things along the lines of not really knowing their city until they got out and explored it. I suppose that could be an underlying point of this whole blog. To get you to think the way I do, and act on your impulse to explore. I know the days of discovering new countries and landmasses is long gone, but there is plenty to discover in your own back yard if you take the time to actually look.

You will definitely be surprised when you discover something new, and perhaps it will give you the drive to expand that circle of exploration a little more. I suppose that’s how all great adventurers started. One yard at a time, one block, one city. From commercial masonry to iconic landmarks, there is always something out there that is brand new to your very own perspective for you to discover.

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