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Up Up and Away            

Up Up and Away            

So my last blog post was to bring the introduction of what I plan to do with this bog, and as the name of this blog is Downtown This Week, I figured I should get started with what happened this week. I spent most of my days working at my normal desk job, and each evening heading out to see something different in the city. I figured that since I was taking it upon myself to do this blog, that I should start by going to places that I hadn’t gone to previously. In order to bring a fresh perspective by being a fresh pair of eyes. One night saw me at an art installation, another at a comedy club featuring local performers. Both of which had me laughing for different reasons, but I suppose that’s because I don’t really understand art.

I went on a walking tour of commercial masonry locations though, and I found that to be utterly fascinating. It’s not often that you get to hear some of the back story on how or why some parts of the city were built as they were, and you never really look at a building thinking about how wonderful the masonry is. To be honest, I was expecting to be bored to tears, but by the end of it I found it to be fascinating. Some of the buildings in this city are absolutely beautiful, and when you hear about the work and challenges that go into certain buildings, it really opens your eyes not only about the work that some of these professionals put into their creations, but also a little bit about the city, and the grounds on which it’s built.

For being about commercial masonry, I give the tour a ten out of ten. I also went to three different restaurants featuring cuisine from three separate countries. I was not a big fan of the Ethiopian food, but then again I don’t handle spice that well. But the other two were fantastic. I don’t want to call out businesses by name, in case I have something negative to report, and mostly because I want this blog to be about getting out and exploring and not simply another rating system for each individual place. If you’re ever in the NYC area though, the food here is amazing, with some of the best chefs in the world, even at your local deli, so I say get out there and at least try everything once.

Some of the activities I have planned next week will see me doing even more different things, and I’m hoping that I have more eye opening progress to report. It may not be as surprisingly fun as the commercial masonry tour, but I’m sure that it will create its own stories in it’s own time. For now, I shall let you go for the week, and I hope that everyone reading so far is taking the time to explore their own towns and cities.

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